Whaling Days 2022


Kitsap CREATE booths!
Kitsap CREATE member, Rene Vollmuth, ready to share her projects with the public.
Our remote control robot is always a hit!
Vice President, Brad Powers demonstrating Lichtenberg fractal wood burning – amazing results!
Kitsap CREATE Secretary, Aaron Shaw fixing a project.
Kitsap CREATE Founder and President, Doyle Maleche providing instructions to operate the robot arms.
Brad explaining Lichtenberg process.
**WARNING!** NEVER use a microwave transformer when building a Lichtenberg machine. VERY DANGEROUS!
Board Member, James Johnson and Steve Putz explain 3D printing.
Kitsap CREATE member, Steve Putz explaining how a 3D printer works.
Kitsap CREATE member, Rene Vollmuth, shares her projects from KiwiCo (https://www.kiwico.com/kiwi).
More KiwiCo projects.
Rene Vollmuth safely demonstrating Lichtenberg wood burning.

Learn – Build – Mentor