Blackberry Festival 2022


Blackberry Festival 2022!

This year Blackberry Festival had three days of  beautiful weather and LOTs of folks visiting our booth.

Always a hit with our events is the remote controlled robot! Thanks to Walt Beardsley for making the “Blackberry” from balloons!
We enjoy visits from all walks of life!
Aaron Shaw and Rich Peel conversing with visitors.
This our 3-Tent configuration: * Robot arms * 3-D Printers * Electronics * Cake Decoration * Advanced Lego building * Lichtenburg Wood Burning!
Jim explaining 3-D techniques.

Mel and Linda with Jim showing off 3D Prints

Another view of our displays

Rene V. demonstrating her ancient Olympic torch

Rene working 15,000 volts!

Robot Arms!

Aaron setting up Robot Arms

Walter demonstrating confectionary art

Learn – Build – Mentor