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We’ll use this location to put links to some of our favorite sites and online training.  Please post your favorites so we can add them as well!

Electronics Sites:

Adafruit™  Adafruit™ offers a wide range of electronic project components as well as complete documentation and Arduino™ Code and libraries to have your project up and running in minutes!

BangGood™ Note: BangGood’s customer service policy varies.  They would rather compensate you half the price of your purchase for items that are defective vice send you a replacement.

BG Micro™


Maker Shed™


Sparkfun™ brings advanced electronic components and sensors for your robot or IoT project.

Online Training and Information:

Blender™ for Noobs – Not surprisingly, learn about Blender™

Canned Mushrooms YouTube Channel – Jason Welsh posts tutorials on Blender™, Unity™, Maya™ and apparently whatever else is interesting to him

Creative Cow™ – All manner of tutorials on animation and video production)

EducateTube – Kind of like Instructables™….WARNING:  Some of this projects look to be VERY dangerous as safety seems to be an afterthought in some cases…choose wisely

Instructables™ – Pretty much any project you can think of is on this site somewhere.  Caution:  if the project looks dangerous that means it probably IS dangerous…you have been warned

Thingiverse™  – Download from over a MILLION objects for ready-made 3D printing, STL files for CNC or Laser Engraving!

Let’s Make It!™  – Learn about Arduino™ and electronics in general

tutor4u – Tutorials on Blender™, Inkscape™, GIMP™ and web programming

TinkerCad™ – great resource for designing shapes for 3D print and Electronic breadboarding for projects.  ALL AGES!

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