April 2023 Meeting

April 2023 Meeting


– Steve Putz

Lichtenberg Machine – Doyle Maleche

Steve Putz talks about STEM project kits.
Steve Putz demonstrates Web (IoT) -enabled communications with his project

Lichtenberg Machine

Doyle Maleche provided a presentation about the Lichtenberg , hazards, warnings, and art

History Lesson
YOU assume ALL responsibility when reading this


Warnings about Lichtenberg dangers


Social Media and Lichtenberg


Wood workers warning.


NEVER use a Microwave transformer. It WILL KILL! YOU ARE WARNED


ALWAYS wear protective equipment when operating a Lichtenberg machine! ALWAYS!!!



ALWAYS use wire that is RATED for the voltage produced by the Lichtenberg machine. Look for GTO or better wire having silicone insulation. The AC Transformer regulates the percentage of AC voltage to the Neon Transformer. Lesser voltage for thinner wood stock.




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