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Editor’s Corner

 (Volunteer Needed)Writer
Kitsap CREATE Editor


Calling all CREATErs!

I mentioned I would write something about our organization at our last meeting.
Please email me your ideas so I can get something together.

This is your club! If you want to eventually have a physical space/workshop, it needs to grow!
One way to help it grow is to document your project and share it on our site!

I can help you document your project in the following ways if you don’t have the time:
• take photos
• make videos
• write something
• give the above to Doyle so he will pass it to me.

If you are doing something great and wish to share, submit your idea to me.

I will take on the role of a news reporter, and come to you at your convenience (and mine)!

Additionally, if YOU write an article about your project, send it to Doyle and he will post it on YOUR OWN Web Page!