Meeting 30 August 2013


Warming the soldering iron to fix a toy.

The 7 year old soldered and fixed his toy car!
Forest talks about living off the grid, demonstrating power converters for solar energy. This was VERY interesting!
Young members controlling a mini-robot with 3 Axis gyro. Charlie Johnson mentoring.
10 amp power converter for solar energy.
Charlie Johnson explaining how a gyro can control robots!
Robot control using the Parallax Propeller micro-controller. The display shows the robot’s track and information.
Mini-robot controlled by a wireless gyro. Start small then SCALE UP and build a monster!
Demonstrating robotic control for Hammerhead crane.
Aaron Show demonstrating one of his many projects, and how to build them!
Group discussion about projects.
Charlie Johnson showing the inner workings of the Gyro robot.
Gyro Robot detecting objects.


Power converter – 10 amps!
Smaller power converter. 9vdc-36vdc in and you can dial any voltage out (1.2vdc to input voltage).

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