Kitsap Harbor Festival 2016

Kitsap Harbor Festival 2016

Pictures posted with prior permission from parents and participants.

Although we had overcast and drizzle rain for the two days, folks still came out and had fun at the Harbor Festival. Great food, music, venders and future scientists, engineers, artists, and CREATER’s!


Aaron Shaw working the robot arms and 3D printing.
Tony Sharpe (teacher at West Sound Technical) facilitated an electronics project booth where participants built working projects!
Brad Powers demonstrated 3D printing and wow’ed the crowd with prints and advice. A lot of folks heard about 3D printed, but never seen one in action! 3D printing was the BIGGEST interest with adults during this event. Great demonstration!
Doyle’s Robot arms. A BIG attraction for the kids!
This is Jade! She played with the Virtual Harp. Moving hands above each sensor plays different keys and delays. She was AWESOME!
EVERYONE loves robots! Blowing kisses to the robots! 🙂
Lots of concentration!
Kids teach kids how to operate the Robot arms!

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