Various Projects

“GardenBot” vision robot.  Responds to and follows the orange bucket!

Read more about the The GardenBot

Home Built Radar and Visual Basic 6.0 interface.

ScorBot Robotic Arm controlled with Arduino and Joystick!

RoboRealm(tm) Computer Vision software programmed to search and follow a pink ball.

Vehicle “Hacking” fun!

Look at Doyle’s other web site. for more videos.

2 thoughts on “Various Projects”

  1. Respected sir,
    I am a student working on similar kind of project which is a controller of scorbot er v. In that i want to make a GUI same like you.
    But i am using Arduino UNO controller and l298.
    But how can i connect two Arduino UNO because one Arduino uno control 2 motor withl298 .
    So how can i proceed further. I really need your help sir
    And can you provide GUI which i show. In video for my reference.
    Please help me sir
    Any material or use full information share me through my email id-

    Thank you

    1. Sagar,
      Thank you for reaching out to me.
      Unfortunately, the GUI was written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 which is obsolete. I don’t have the code anymore.
      You can directly control the ScorBot using three (3) L298 motor controllers and a PS2 Joystick. We have some pictures on our website showing kids using this setup.
      I will look for the Arduino and PS2 code and get it to you.

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