Whaling Days 2021

Kitsap CREATE at Whaling Days 2021

Fun with 3D printed parts!
Laser engraving messages for loved ones.
Felicity Nguyen, our newest Board of Director member answering the hard questions.
Remote controlled Whale. Kids love piloting the robot to greet people.
Taking a quick break.

Great eye-hand coordination.
Controlling robot arms and grippers!
Laser engraved cedar shingles with images!

Founder and President Doyle Maleche demonstrating Laser engraving with a (safely) modified K40 Laser, CNC engraving, and microcontroller programming.
Laser engraved plaques, pictures on canvas and other materials.
Lichtenberg figure burn.
15,000 volts burns the micro layers showing the beauty beneath the grains. ** WARNING** NEVER USE a microwave transformer for this process! ***
Walt Beardsley (home-made water jet cutter for fondant), and Paul Noakes with modified robots.