Tips from CREATErs

This segment lists the Show n’ Tell from CREATErs

If you want to lean EASY Computer Aided Design (CAD), then check out these FREE applications!

Lightburn™ for Lasers

Do you have a Laser Cutter or Laser Engraver?

You should consider Lightburn! It is VERY powerful and easy to learn.  Great support and many YouTube tutorials!

Lightburn supports the newer DSP Controllers, GRBL, and G-Code.

Support for the K40 lasers may require an upgraded controller (see Lightburn Documentation)

CAMBAM™ CNC/Milling Software

If you have a need to quickly and intuitively design then mill a part, then CAMBAM is your best option for fast turn-around parts.  There are many YouTube™ videos and tutorials.  This is by far a fast and growing product for the cost!!

Download at:

DesignSpark “Mechanical”

Download at:

DesignSpark PCB

Download at:


You will have to find the .STL file widget to allow 3D printing.  Some 3D printers can accept the .OBJ file format.


Tony Sharpe is an educator at West Sound Technical and teaches this application.  Those who have mastered it, can produce exceptional objects, animation, and games.  Objects are easily exported for 3D printing.

Download at:


I’ve used this free CAD program before. It has good features, but you should use it often in order to become comfortable with various features and drawing techniques. There are MANY examples on YouTube!

Download at: