Underwater Remote Operational Vehicle (ROV)

I ordered the BlueROV from BlueRobotics.com during their KickStarter program.

It arrive the day after Christmas!!

This will be an on-going project during the Winter and Fall periods.  I plan to have this in the water by Summer!

Unboxing the ROV Kit
Front. The new 4″ Dome will be a great benefit for live action videos! Forward Port and Starboard T200 thrusters!
Starbord side. Note the lateral thurster on the bottom!
Top view. Pressure chamber currently has the support bracket for the ROV controllers. I plan to use a Raspberry Pi 2B+, along with a APM2. More to follow! *Note the Port and Starbord Forward/Reverse Thrusters!
Stern view. After lifting Thruster. Note the ports on the back. This is where the Thruster cables will penetrate the pressure chamber, using special hull penetrators to prevent water compromise.

Here is a great video of the BlueROV’s maneuverability and smooth control!